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Braided sleeving wrap

The braided sleeve wrap around is a lightweight wraparound sleeving for all shapes of cables and harnesses with a 150% capacity. It provides flexibility, spring back and high resistance to abrasion. It is designed to protect wiring, cables, pipes, hoses and foam insulation from mechanical degradation arising from exposure to touch conditions in vibrating installations. It can be installed by opening up the sleeve, feeding over the application and releasing. Can be used in many applications like cable bunding and cable protection



product Information
Operating temperature min-50°C
Operating temperature max.+150°C
Melting point+250°C
Standard colorsSort
Standard spool25 m
Chemical resistanceResistant to ammonium hydroxide, chlorine, diesel, detergents, ethanol, hudrochloric acid, inofrganic olvents, mineral oils, white spirit and most chemicals and common fuels

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