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FRG7000 Clear 3:1

Double-walled polyolefin shrinkable tubing with flame retardant and glue inside.

Flexible shrink tube, with inner wall of hot fusible adhesive.
Suitable for electrical installations where good long-term waterproofing and/or moisture protection is required. Transparent color allows visual inspection of the substrate.
Has a high shrinkage factor of 3:1 – Available in lengths of 1.2 M.

Available color: Clear

TypeDimensionsThickness fully shrunk (Glue)Length
Before shrinkAfter shrink
3/1310,96 ( 0,35 )1,2
4,5/1,54,5151,06 ( 0,60 )1,2
6/2621,19 ( 0,65 )1,2
9/3931,27 ( 0,65 )1,2
12/41241,40 ( 0,75 )1,2
19/61961,80 ( 0,70 )1,2
24/82482,50 ( 1,00 )1,2
40/1340132,50 ( 1,00 )1,2
* All measurments are in millimetres. However, lengths are in metres. Other dimensions, lengths and colours on request.
Product Information
Material:Polyolefin,flame retardant with glue.
Shrink ratio:3:1
Shrink temperature:110°C
Service temperature range:-55°C to 105°C
Standard colour:Transparent.
Standard length:1,2 metres
Dielectric strength:>20 kV

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