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Colour Ribbon

Colour Ribbon 

Thermal transfer colour ribbon for Flat Head printer.

A good all-round ribbon to suit the vast majority of print jobs for printing on PP, PVC, PP and halogen-free materials.

Available as white or black ribbon but also available in a myriad of colours.

In order to obtain a satisfactory print result on the shrink tubing, it is important that the ink ribbon is suitable for the material to be printed on.

You are always welcome to contact Radiflex for further information, advice and guidance.

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Type Breadth Roll length Colour Material
  40/300 white 40 300 White Resin
  50/300 white 50 300 White Resin
  60/300 white 60 300 White Resin
  90/300 white 90 300 White Resin
110/300 white 110 300 White Resin
  40/300 black 40 300 Black Resin
  50/300 black 50 300 Black Resin
  60/300 black 60 300 Black Resin
  90/300 black 90 300 Black Resin
110/300 black 110 300 Black Resin
* All measurements are in millimetres. However, roll lengths are in metres. Other dimensions, lengths, colours on request.
Product Information
Material: Thermal Transfer
Storage: Cool and not in direct sunlight.
Standard colours: Black or white