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FRS223 3:1 UL

Very flexible and highly flame retardant polyolefin for general insulation.

FRS223 is a very flexible, highest quality flame retardant polyolefin. UL and MIL approved. Meets the requirements of a wide range of industrial and high-tech standards, which makes this tube the world’s best shrinkable tubing.

Very versatile through excellent balance between chemical, electrical and mechanical properties. Also used for marking wire and color code on cables. Shrink ratio 3:1.

Has a matt surface. Used where there are requirements for approved products such as UL and MIL

Available in many different colors. See product information

Type Dimensions Thickness – fully shrunk Spool length
Before shrink After shrink  m
3,0 3,0 1,0 0,60 150
6,0 6,0 2,0 0,70 60
9,0 9,0 3,0 0,80 60
12,0 12,0 4,0 0,85 60
18,0 18,0 6,0 1,0 60
24,0 24,0 8,0 1,2 60
40,0 40,0 13,0 1,25 60
* With the exception of spool lengths in metres (m), all dimensions are in millimeters. Other dimensions, lengths and colours on request.
Product Information
Material: Polyolefin, flame retardant. Matt finish.
Shrink ratio: 3:1
Shrink temperature: 90°C
Temperature range: -55°C to 135°C
Standard colour: Black
Standard spools: See chart
Dielectric strength: >20 kV
Approvals/compliancy: UL, MIL, RoHS