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Cold shrink tube

Cold shrink tubing made of EPDM rubber, which helps ensure the protection of wires, pipes and cylinders. It can also be used to ensure moisture and corrosion and places where it is only collected, relieved or protected and sealed.

God protection against moisture, pollution, corrosion, ozone, UV radiation and radioactive radiation.

EPDM rubber is put on a piece of spiral wound plastic, which ensures quick and easy installation without the use of hot material and requires no installation training.
Put the pipe over the supjekt, and pull the spiral cord, and the cold shrink tube begins to shrink. Fast, safe and simple.

Simple and quick installation, without tools.
Custom sizes from 12 mm – 70 mm. Covers many different cable sizes.
Tighten the seal, even after many years, and keep the elasticity.
No mastic, tape or mold mass is needed.
No need for heating.
High resistance to fungi, acid, alkalis, ozone and UV radiation.
Easy to uninstall again.

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