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Laminated marking/labeling

Laminate marking/labelling is used where there is a need for an efficient manual genetic markup solution.

can be used for technical labels, tape or for labels produced on a hand-held printer.

The self-laminated clear foil ensures a permanent and hard-wearing surface.

Write with an ink marker or print and seal the label with the clear foil, fast, simple and cost-effective.

Laminate markers/labels are made of PP material (Polypropylene) which is highly durable material, resistance to most fluids and can withstand aggressive environments.

The material is Halogen-free and flame retardant. Available in yellow or white, other colours on request.

Type Print/writing area dimensions Colour Quantity per box
60,0 x 10,0 yellow 60,0 x 10,0 Yellow 1000
75,0 x 15,0 yellow 75,0 x 15,0 Yellow 1000
75,0 x 25,0 yellow 75,0 x 25,0 Yellow 500
60,0 x 10,0 white 60,0 x 10,0 White 1000
75,0 x 15,0 white 75,0 x 15,0 White 1000
75,0 x 25,0 white 75,0 x 25,0 White   500
* All dimensions are in millimetres. Other sizes, lengths and colours on request.
Product Information
Material: Polypropylene (PP )
Service temperature range: -25°C to 80°C
Standard colours: Yellow, white.

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