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Heat-shrink sleeve sets

Buy your shrink sleeve set here

All our shrink sleeve sets are shrinkable with internal glue. The shrink tube are packaged in practical bags so that it is easy and convenient to simply take a bag when assembling different types of cables. The shrink tubing is produced in a good and strong quality. It has a strong and durable adhesive inside that ensures moisture penetration and at the same time makes a strong and durable solution. Our set of shrink sleeves comes with an easy-to-understand instruction manual, and they can be produced as a private label – even with smaller numbers.

The shrink tubing is produced in a good and strong quality, and with a strong and durable adhesive inside, which protects against moisture penetration, and makes a strong and durable solution.

Large selection of shrink sleeve sets

We sell several different sets of shrink sleeves. We offer, among other things, an assembled sleeve set, a kit set and an installation sleeve set for low voltage. With us you will find a shrink sleeve set, whether you need one that covers very small cables or one that covers very large cables. We have a large selection in many different sizes (MM3).

What do you use shrink sleeves for?

A shrink sleeve set can, among other things, be used to assemble two power cables. It is therefore a good solution if you have to repair a damaged cable or if you want to extend an installation cable. A shrink sleeve set should only be used for joints that you do not expect to open again.

Learn more about our set of shrink sleeves

Do you want further information about our different sets of shrink sleeves, or would you like to order a shrink sleeve set? So please contact us at telephone +45 46 73 00 55 or at our mail Our skilled employees are ready to advise you and help you with your order.


Type Covers
5 mini 5 X 1,5 – 4 MM2
1 5 X 4 – 16 MM2
2 5 X 10 – 35 MM2
3 5 X 35 – 95 MM2
4 5 X 120 – 300 MM2

Type: 5 mini, 1, 2, 3 og 4 are medium-walled heat-shrink.

Type Covers
Light 1 5 X 1,5 – 2,5 MM2
Light 2 5 X 4 – 10 MM2

Type; Light 1. and Light 2. are thin-walled heat-shrink.

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