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RBBH voltage

Shrink tube for Medium voltage RBBH ( heavy  wall thickness )Halogen free

This medium wall heat shrink tube, are special designed for medium voltage, and are avaliabel both in heavy wall and medium wall.
RBBH = Heavy wall
RBBM = Medium wall

Special designed for busbar insolasion ,transformer and powerstations, and similarry applications, up to 36 KV.
Do to the high toughnessits anf big wall thinness its also suitable for places where mechanical protection are desired.
The material are cross linked flexibel Polyolefin, and are recistant to many chemical flluids, but ans also UV and weather resistant, and at the same time halogenfree

Supplied on 1,2 meters length

Supplide as satndard in red/brown color, indicating that its for medium voltage applications.

Used for busbar insulasions and transformer and power stations, and simmelary application for 36 KV



Type Dimension Thickness fully shrunk Length (m)
Before shrink After shrink
RBBH 25/10 25,0 10,0 4,0 1,2
RBBH 40/16 40,0 16,0 4,0 1,2
RBBH 50/20 50,0 20,0 4,0 1,2
RBBH 75/25 75,0 25,0 4,0 1,2
RBBH 95/30 95,0 30,0 4,0 1,2
RBBH 120/40 120,0 40,0 4,1 1,2
RBBH 180/58 180,0 58,0 4,1 1,2
* All dimensions are in millimeters. However spools in meters. Other dimensions, lengths and colors on request