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Braided Sleeving closed

Braided Sleeving.

 A very flexible solution when it comes to gathering bundles of cables or for mechanical protection.

The braiding expands when the cables are pulled through and retracts back again easily.

The material is resistant to most chemicals.

Also available as minibox.

Standard colour is black, but is also available in several colours and to other service temperature levels.

TypeRecommended size rangeMaximum expansionWeight g/metreMetres per spool or

mini box

RES 31-57395100 or 10
RES 42-79445100 or 10
RES 53-912515100 or 10
RES 64-1114580100 or 10
RES 85-1217770100 or 10
RES 107-1522900100 or 10
RES 128-17241010100 or 10
RES 1510-21271230100 or 10
RES 2014-25321400100 or 10
RES 2518-32381720100 or 10
RES 3020-40482160100 or 10
RES 4030-55672870100 or 10
RES 5040-65783960100 or 10
* With the exception of spool lengths in metres (m), all dimensions are in millimetres. Other dimensions,lengths and colours on request.
Product Information
Material:Polyester flame retardant monofilament.
Working temperature range:-50°C to 150°C
Standard colour:

Other colours:


Orange, blue, grey, green, red, white, yellow, multi-coloured.

Standard spools:Large spools or mini boxes. See chart.
Melt temperature:+250

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