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STEINEL – BHG 360 Battery powered Cordless Heat Gun

STEINEL BHG 360 Li-lon

Steinel BHG 360 Battery powered Cordless Heat Gun to heat shrinking and desoldering, mobile and perfect.
The last word in hot air flexibility: with power cords often simply getting in the way when working with hot air: the first fully wireless hot air gun has been developed:
BHG 360 Li-lon with its advanced and powerful 36 V lithium-ion rechargeable battery. No memory effevt, 15 minutes of use and fully charged in only 60 minutes. The ideal platform for top performance – not only for use in electrostatically sensitive areas: the tool blows 100 liters of hot air a minute at a temperature of 400 – 500°C onto the workpiece with absolute precision. With this being perfectly illuminated by the integrated LED. Super STEINEL quality that coulden’t be more convenient – in a practical case too.



Tekniske data
Effect: 300W
Temperature: 400-500°C
Airflow rate: 215-800 I/min
Temperature setting: 2-stage
Heating element: Micanite heating element
Dimensions (L x B x H): 240 x 65 x 265 mm

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