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STEINEL – Heating Blower HG5000E

STEINEL Varmluftblæser HG5000E

Powerhouse. Electronically controlled hot air gun HG 5000 E, ideal for industrial use (installation work in machines, heating large areas etc.), high-performance brushless motor, infinitely variable temperature from 20 – 600° C and continuously adjustable airflow up to 800 l/min., display, wear parts replaced with effortless ease.

Fits specifically with STEINEL Skalreflektordyse 150x25mm

Comes in a suitable steel box.

A unique Heating blower where Shrinking becomes a pleasure.


Tekniske data  
Effekt: 3400W
Temperatur: 20-600°C
Airflow rate: 215-800I/min
Temperature setting: Infinitely variable in 10°C steps
Temperature display: LED segment display
Heating element:
Ceramic heating element
Replaceable heating element:
Thermal cut-out:
Cord length:
2,5 m
Mål (L x W x H): 350 x 122 x 67 mm