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Heating Blower HG2120E

STEINEL Hot air blower HG2120E 2200W 80-630 degrees.

This powerful universal blower handles most of the hot air work in the workshop and the construction site without any problems. It provides not only the effective engine, but also the optimizing ergonomics and practical one-handed operation. It allows for many hours of shrinking without getting tired – you just have to choose the right nozzle. Here the temperature can be controlled manually in 9 steps from 80 to 630°C – and the air flow can be controlled in 3 steps from 150 to 500l/min. All this makes the machine the ideal starting model for real professionals.

Tecnical data
Effect: 2200W
Temperature: 80-630°C
Temperature display: Via swivel wheels, stepless (9-wheel swivel display)
Airflow: 150-500I/min
Temperature setting: Manual, infinitely adjustable temperature
Heater: Ceramic heater
Thermofuse: Yes
Protection class (Without earth conductor connection): 2 Electrical connection: 220-230V, 50/60Hz
Weight: 0,670kg (without power cord)
Goal (LxBxH): 253×86,5x200mm