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FRS MINIBOX 3:1 without glue

Minibox, thin-walled flexible flame retardant heat-shrink tubing with glue.
Good for general insulation, and similar tasks.

Comes in a handy white dispenser box that makes it easy to use and avoid waste.

If you want a label on the minibox with your own logo, barcode and/or your item number, this is also an option.

Call and have a talk with us around “Private lable

Can be used with “Rack for miniboxes” see more here

Type Dimensions Thickness – fully shrunk Spool length
Before shrink After shrink m
1,5 1,5 0,5 0,40 5
3,0 3,0 1,0 0,60 5
6,0 6,0 2,0 0,70 4
9,0 9,0 3,0 0,80 3
12,0 12,0 4,0 0,85 3
18,0 18,0 6,0 1,0 2
24,0 24,0 8,0 1,20 2
* With the exception of spool length in meters (m), all dimensions are in milmeters. Other dimensions, length and colour on request.
Product information
Material: Polyolefin, flame retardant. Matte surface
Shrink ratio: 3:1
Shrink temperature: 90 °C
Temperature range: -55°C  til 125°C
Standard colour: Black, red, yellow, white, blue, green, violet, brown, clear
Standard spools: See chart
Dielectric strength: ˃20 KV
Approvals: UL224,MIL,RoHS.

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