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Cutting machine

This cut to length machine offers a precise digital control of cut to length and quantity, with auto detection/auto stop and alarm system for malfunction. A test mode allows for test feeding and cutting. Inbuilt are four memories which reduce the need to type values of cut length at every placement. A power supply diction circuit will automatically save processing data in the event of power cut. This versatile cut to length machine will handle a variety of jobs including heat shrink tubes, and insulations tubs.


Product Information Data
Cutting width: 0,1 mm  to 100 mm
Cutting length: 0,1 mm to 99999 mm
Speed: 100 pcs./min., L = 100 mm
Cutting tolerance: +/- 0,2 + 0,002 x skærelængde mm
Feeding: Trinmotor
Cutting: Vendbar motor
Power consumption: 18W Min. 150W Max
Dimension WxDxH: 395x265x355 mm
Weight: 25 kg.