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Cable ties – Polyprop

The Polyprop cable tie is a cable tie that has higher resistance to chemicals such as acids.
Polypropylene (PP) cable ties are less hygroscopic and provide higher resistance to chemicals and higher temperature resistance than standard polyamide 6.6 (PA66) materials.
The Polyprop cable tie float in water and the curved end facilitates fast mounting.

Type Length wide Unit sales Maximum load kg
100/2,5 100 2,5 100 4,0
140/3,6 140 3,6 100 9,0
190/4,8 190 4,8 100 14,0
200/4,8 200 4,8 100 14,0
300/4,8 300 4,8 100 14,0
370/4,8 370 4,8 100 14,0
200/7,6 200 7,6 100 22,2
370/7,6 370 7,6 100 22,2
* All dimensions are in millimeters. Maximum load however in kg. Other dimensions, and colors on request.
product information
Material Nylon PA66 with steel nose
Operating temperature -40°C til 85°C
Water absorption 2,5 – 3,1%
Approvals UL og MIL, as well Lloyd og Veritas

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