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End sleeves with glue

End sleeve with glue made of Polyolefin which is a flexible material with a good and solid inner glue, which helps to ensure, water, moisture and dirt penetration. The glue solidifies when it gets cold.

The end sleeve is easy to shrink on the subject, and can be used both outdoors and underground.

The material has a nice and shiny surface and can be used for many purposes, such as cable finishing or other places where sealing or finishing is required.

The standard color is black but can be supplied in other colors, and if you need a size or other length on the end sleeve, please contact us and we will find a solution.

If you have any further questions about our end sleeves, you are of course welcome to contact us HERE so that we can guide you through so that you get the correct solution for your project.


TypeID before shrink D1ID after shrink D2Length Lthickness after shrink G
Standard length
12/4  x  4012,04,040,02.6
14/5  x  4514,05,045,02,2
20/6  x  5520,06,055,02,8
25/8,5  x  6825,08,568,02,8
35/16  x  9035,016,090,03,3
40/16  x  8340,016,083,03,3
55/26  x  10355,026,0103,03,5
75/36  x  12075,036,0120,04,0
100/52  x  140100,052,0140,04,0
120/60  x  150120,060,0150,04,0
145/60  x  150145,060,0150,04,0
160/80  x  150160,080,0150,04,0
Long length
14/4  x  6014,04,060,02,2
40/15  x  9040,015,090,03,3
55/23  x  14055,023,0140,03,8
62/23  x  14062,023,0140,03,8
75/36  x  15075,036,0150,04,0
75/36  x  17075,036,0170,04,2
100/47  x  155100,047,0155,04,0
3/1 x 253,01,025,01,0
4,8/1,5 x 304,81,530,01,0
6,0/2,0 x 306,02,030,01,0
9,0/3,0 x 359,03,035,01,4
*All dimensions are given in millimeters. Other dimensions, lengths and colors on request
Product information
Material:Polyolefin, cross-linked.
Shrink ratio:3:1
Shrink temperature:125°C
Service temperature range:-40°C to 125°C
Standard colour:Black
Dielectric strength:>12 kV

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