Heat Torches

Heat Torches 

For all your crimp tasks.
Handy and convenient gas powered heat torches that are easy to work with.
We can supply a small model that provides 220W effect and a larger offering 820W.

The Micro-torch 220 runs for 40 mins between refills of butane gas.

Adjustable temp control 50-220 watts (equivalent) reaching temperatures of 1350° C.

The Micto-torch 820 has an adjustable flame length of up to 115mm with a welded stainless steel head that

protects the burner. This high-power torch reaches temperatures of up to 1350° C.

Up to 45-minute run time with an on/off ignition switch and safety button.

Ring for further information.

Can be refilled with Butane gas.   

   Varmepistol model 220.jpg Varmepistol model 820.jpg
 Model 220  Model 820