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Spiral binding tube – Metal content

Our spiral binding metal tube is used to bond and protect cables and wires. It is designed for use in food factories and machines. The high metal content is ideal for reliable detection via standard tracking equipment.

Key Features:
– Stainless steel preserves and delivers resistance to rust

– Blue color is visual recognition
– High flexibility
– Suitable for retrofitting
– Ideal for branching cables anywhere
– Floats at normal waterproofing

Spiral binding tube with metal is a versatile form of protection as it can be mounted in situ. It also allows to pull cables anywhere. It is an ideal solution for bundling and protecting cables in the food industry.

Type Standard Colour Dimension inside (mm) Thickness (mm) Pitch between lead out point (mm) Range of loom dia. (mm) Spool length
8,2 Blå 8,2 0,90 12,0 12,0 – 50,0 25
12,0 Blå 12,0 1,00 16,0 15,0 – 80,0 25
Material: PA6 + Metal
Smeltetemperatur: 220°C
Humidity Absorption: 2,5%
Apparent density: 700 kg/m³
RSV formic acid, 1 g / 100 ml: 3,6 (DSM method)
Spec. Heat capacity melt: 1550 J / (kg K)
Water absorption: 9,5 %
Density: 1130 Kg / m³
Viscosity number: 245 cm³ / g
Thermal conductivity of melt: 0,135 W / (m K)
Transparency/clarity: 83 % (DSM method)
Colour options: Blue
Standard spools: See schedule

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