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Cable tie – Detactable

Metal-pigment blend cable tie allow even small pieces from the strip to be detected by a metal detector or X-ray equipment.
The metal-containing cable tie is specially developed for use in the food-, chemical-, animal feed- and pharmaceutical industries.

Type Length Wide Unit sales Maximum load kg
150/3,6 150 3,6 100 14,6
200/4,8 200 4,8 100 17,8
300/4,8 300 4,8 100 17,8
370/4,8 370 4,8 100 17,8
370/7,6 370 7,6 100 43,5
* All dimensions are in millimeters. Maximum load however in kg. Other dimensions, and colors on request.


product information
Material Polyamid 6.6 containing the highest concentration of evenly mixed small metal parts
Operating temperature -40°C til 85°C
Color Blue
Other features: Halogen and silicone free

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